The Escape Game: Mission Mars

June 17, 2019

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You hear the thump of a door being locked behind you, the challenge begins.

You’ve seen your favorite heroes escape these scenarios dozens of times, but you never thought saving all hope would rest on your shoulders. There is no turning back. As your heart pounds and your team looks to you, there can only be one option. Become the hero, save the day! The task seems simple enough, just get your team out of this mission safely in under one hour. The journey will prove to be a test of mind, body, and heart…Can you do it? Can you conquer The Escape Game at The Island in Pigeon Forge?!

This is the thrill that awaits you here at The Island in Pigeon Forge. The Escape Game has been an up and coming trend for several years, and is now one of the most popular attractions for our guests to visit. Actually, The Escape Game was recently given the title of “#1 ‘Fun and Games attraction in Pigeon Forge on TripAdvisor”! If you’re looking for something fun to do, The Escape Game offers the thrills you need.

The Escape Game at the Island in Pigeon Forge offers a variety of themes and missions for players to play! Every adventure is definitely a thrill worth working for. After much anticipation, we are now welcoming everyone to enjoy the adventure and excitement of their newest addition, Mission: Mars! Now, there are a total of five game scenarios to choose from:

Prison Break: Can you manage to escape the restraints of prison while the warden is away, or will you carry out your full sentence as you almost escape?!
Gold Rush: You’ve got information that the mob is after the same gold that you’re searching for! Now it’s not only a race against time!
The Heist: It’s your task to return an invaluable masterpiece! Will you get it back quick enough or will it be lost forever?!
Classified: The whole world depends on you and your team to save the day. Can you stop the strike that is sure to create global chaos or will it be too late?

nullMission: Mars: You finally made it to the Red Planet after a seemingly endless journey only to discover that your spaceship is severely damaged. You’ll have to repair the oxygen, power, and communication systems to make sure you can get back home. But wait, there is a massive solar flare headed your way that will certainly destroy your control panel and could potentially be fatal! There’s only one hour left before all hope is lost! Can you escape the impending disaster?!

nullEvery challenge can be overcome, you’ll just need to use teamwork, communication, and wit to win! Are you looking for an escape or to beat the record time? In each of these games you can challenge yourself to expand your mind and collaborate as a team with the chance not only to win, but to beat the record set from past gamers. Speaking of team, who are you bringing to conquer the room?

This hour of fun can get everyone a little out of their comfort zones to experience the rush that only The Escape Game can provide. Will you stack your squad with all your gamer friends, call on your family, or challenge your co-workers? The choice is yours!

May the odds be in your favor at The Escape Game on The Island in Pigeon Forge!