Shopping: The Island Trading Post

What’s your favorite part about The Island in Pigeon Forge? Some would say our famous Observation Wheel that towers 200 feet tall. Others would say our Bellagio-style water fountains that play unforgettable tunes. And many people will say their favorite part of The Island is our unique, one-of-a-kind shops that you can’t find anywhere else in Pigeon Forge. If you haven’t visited us yet, or if you’re coming back to see us again, one of the must-see stores on The Island is our very own, Island Trading Post. The Island Trading Post was the very first store to open on The Island almost four years ago and hasn’t slowed down since! If you’re looking for gifts, exclusive brands, or even just a little something special for yourself, this store has something for everyone.

The Island Trading Post carries a number of brands that you can’t find anywhere else on The Island. One of their most popular new brands is Sassy Frass tees. These simply southern inspired tees are flying off the shelves. With their light hearted quotes and beautiful artwork everyone is able to find a tee that relates to their life. The Island Trading Post also carries the well known children’s brand, Mud Pie. Mud Pie has a wide selection of adorable clothes for children from babies to toddlers. Whether you need a birthday outfit or just an outfit for a play date, you can find something for your little one to be comfortable and cute in.

If you aren’t looking for clothes, don’t worry, The Island Trading Post still has plenty of stuff for you. They have an array of outdoor flags with all kinds of designs to go with the changing seasons. And if you’re looking for a timeless piece for your home, this store carries black ink mugs, cups, and plates so you can personalize your souvenir. Black ink mugs, cups, and plates give you the ability to make your gift unlike anyone else’s. The black and white gifts are like coloring books on ceramic surfaces. They come with markers so you can color them however you want, bake it, and voila! You have a special gift made by you. If jewelry is your thing, this store has you covered. They exclusively carry Uno De 50, which is 100% handcrafted in spain and Firefly, which is made in Guatemala.

So whatever you might be shopping for, The Island Trading Post is sure to have something unique for you. They are always running different sales and promos throughout the year so you can get the item you love for a good deal. Also, be sure to check out the ‘coupons’ tab on The Island in Pigeon Forge website for a 20% off coupon. This store is the flagship shopping destination of The Island so don’t forget to stop in and see them on your next visit!

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