The Fudgery

The best fudge the world has ever known!

It was 1980 when A.C. Marshall revolutionized the time honored tradition of making fudge with the grand opening of the world’s very first Fudgery. With its copper kettles and marble slabs, the store looked like a fudge shop, but it sure didn’t sound like one …

With the ringing of a big brass bell, “Papa Fudge” Marshall lured beach-goers into that first store with a unique mix of singing, showmanship, and the best fudge the world has ever known. And the show has never stopped.

Dedicated to serving some of the best fudge for more than 25 years, The Fudgery has provided delectable fudge products since 1980 and is still getting better and better with time. Lucky for The Island there is a Fudgery amongst all the great shops for any fudge fixes needed. This isn’t just a run of the mill fudge shop though, as employees look to crank smiles out of customers while singing show tunes during the fudge making process.

The fudge itself is top of the line and is made in front of your eyes with no short cuts and the best ingredients this side of eastern Tennessee. Fudge lovers can pick up fudge by the pound in twelve different options ranging from rocky road and chocolate peanut butter to maple nut and extraordinary chocolate. There are other savory products as well with their signature chocolate sauces and crunchy candy apples. Stop in and discover a world of fudge during a trip to The Island!

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Phone Number: (865) 774-7800

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