6 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas at The Island in Pigeon Forge


There’s no holiday quite as intimidating as Valentine’s Day, and planning the day can come with lots of expectations and pressures to make it perfect. You want the person you love to know just how much you care, but how do you make it a unique experience for both of you? Luckily, The Island in Pigeon Forge has a multitude of options for every couple to enjoy.

Here’s a few great ideas for how to spend your holiday here with us and your special someone:

  1. Ride the Wheel– There’s nothing quite like the romance of riding our Great Smoky Mountain Wheel at night, while looking out onto the lights of Pigeon Forge and the beauty of the Smoky Mountains. You’ll be 200 feet in the air, in a temperature-controlled gondola to ensure for a comfortable ride. Buy our day/night combo to experience it both ways!
  2. Go to Dinner & a Show – by “show”, we mean our Island Show Fountain, which is completely FREE to watch! Take your date to a delicious dinner at one of our many restaurants such as the family-style dining experience at Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen or Margaritaville for drinks and a cheeseburger in paradise. After dinner, enjoy relaxing in the rocking chairs by our Island Show Fountain, while you can listen to classic tunes and watch the fountain dance along to the music.
  3. Arcade Date Night– Some couples can be a bit competitive, and there’s nothing quite like releasing your inner child for a fun game night at an arcade. Arcade City boasts an array of classic and modern arcade games that are sure to keep the energy up all evening. Take your winnings to the counter at the end of the night and pick each other out a sweet gift!
  4. Explore Alcatraz East– If you are both inquisitive and looking to explore something new on your date, there’s no better place to spark conversation than at Alcatraz East Crime Museum. You’ll walk through a number of interactive exhibits and be able to talk about key crimes in our nation’s history. It’s fun and – most likely – one of the most unique dates you’ll ever go on!
  5. Escape Game – If you’re more of the adventurous type and looking for a fun way to bond with your significant other, booking a room at the Escape Game is sure to be a date you’ll both remember. You’ll have one hour to complete a mission and escape the locked room together using clues.
  6. Pizza and Ice Cream – A classic choice for dinner and dessert, but – at the island – pizza and ice cream is next level. You can enjoy a gourmet pie from Mellow Mushroom followed by Frozen Yogurt next door at Island Yogurt or homemade ice cream from The Island Creamery.

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