24-Hour Unlimited Rides Pass

From The Great Smoky Mountain Wheel to The Island Ropes Course and The Flying Horse Carousel, there are a number of family rides and attractions for you to enjoy while on vacation. With this, you are even able to split your time up between two days! Buy a pass in the evening, enjoy the rides, come back the next morning and ride them again – all for one convenient package and price.

What rides are included?

  • The Flying Horse Carousel
  • Happy Swing
  • Lil Ribbits
  • Funny Cars
  • Island Express
  • Twist N Shout
  • The Great Smoky Mountain Wheel
  • Thunderdome


For only $10 more, upgrade your unlimited rides pass to include a one-time admission to our Island Ropes Course!


Unlimited (all ages) $30.00

Unlimited Plus Island Ropes $40.00

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