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Towering 200 feet-tall, the Great Smoky Mountain Wheel sits at the foot of the most visited National Park in the United States–Great Smoky Mountain National Park. As the centerpiece to the Island in Pigeon Forge, it stands as one of the tallest attractions in the Southeast!
Making its maiden turn on June 21, 2013, the Great Smoky Mountain Wheel at the Island in Pigeon Forge provides riders an unparalleled view of the world famous Smoky Mountains in comfortable, all-glass gondolas that seat up to 8 guests.

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This state-of-the art, multi-tiered show fountain features a stunning presentation of water dance and light, all perfectly choreographed to 14 pieces of music.While more than 89 vertical nozzles create lively movement and set the show’s pace, six motion-based nozzles create graceful water sprays that swirl to the music. Seemingly competing for attention, a geyser nozzle shoots powerful bursts of water 60 feet in the air, creating drama and flair.

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7D Dark Ride Adventure

Experience the thrill of a roller coaster and the excitement of an interactive shooting gallery –all without leaving your seat! Come try the newest in 3D adventure experience! The adventures includes a 3D movie with lights, sound, wind and an interactive game. The game part keeps score so that you can show off your skills.
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The Island Mirror Maze is a high quality, uniquely designed walk-through family attraction. No matter what your age you will love getting lost over and over again.
Also featured at the Island Mirror Maze are two more fun attractions both included with your mirror maze admission ticket. First there's a challenging Laser Maze where kids climb over and under security beams Mission Impossible style while being timed. Next is a brand new game called Atomic Rush which is a high tech Simon Says game where your memory and agility will be tested and scored.
The admission price gives your family UNLIMITED access to the mirror maze - it's an awesome vacation value.
Great family fun for all awaits you at the Island Mirror Maze!


Arcade City is a modern, family-friendly state of the art arcade with games for everyone. We use reloadable play cards, no tokens, no tickets just endless amounts of fun for guests of all ages. Enjoy the latest games and coolest prizes in Pigeon Forge!

Funny Cars

Twist n shout all you can in our interactive crazy cars that you control. No ride is the same as you spin your cars as fast as you want to go. Bring your friends for a ride as each car can accommodate up to 4 people including adults. Car drivers must be 41” tall to ride alone or 36” tall to ride with a responsible adult.


One of the richest traditions in all of entertainment is the classic and timeless ride on a Carousel. For centuries a ride on the Carousel has helped shaped fond memories from children to senior citizens. Their majestic beauty has transcended time and The Island in Pigeon Forge is proud to house The Flying Carousel adjacent to the Great Smoky Mountain Wheel. Manufactured by the Italian Bertazzon family, the 22 horses and chariots are hand painted and styled in a rich Venetian décor. Choose your favorite horse and hop on for a ride day or night!


The timeless fun of a playground favorite, the swings, are brought to life in the Island’s version known as the Happy Swing! Accommodating children and adults, the Happy Swing delivers the sensation of weightlessness as it swings back and forth up to 9’ in the air. You must be 31” tall to ride.
*for a complete list prior to riding see individual ride restrictions posted at each ride


This modern classic family ride jumps up to 6’ high as you ride in your favorite exotic frog in full 360 degree rotations. Lil’ Ribbits accommodates children 36” tall and above.


Many moons ago, the Smoky Mountains were home to some of the finest homemade wines. Some folks would call it moonshine since the drink was made out under the moonlight. Many of these folks built camps deep in the hills. The Island in Pigeon Forge has recreated one of these legendary camps and made it an interactive experience, FUN for the whole family. So pick up a rifle, pistol, or flintlock and shoot your way around an old moonshine camp but watch out! Because some critters fight back. This popular game allows for scoring competitions and up to seven players per round.


The Island in Pigeon Forge hosts the only Bungy Dome in Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, or Gatlinburg. Designed by the originator of the Bungy Trampoline, the Thunder Dome is a giant 32 feet high aluminum dome that houses not one but four trampoline based bungy jumps! If you are young or just young at heart the Thunder Dome can accommodate most ages and sizes. Minimum requirement is weight of 20 pounds or able to be secured into the harness. There is a 200lb maximum weight limit. Tickets can be purchased at the attraction or at the Ticket Center. All ages are $10.00 per person.